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Did Twitter Save a Life?

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

So, Ad Chick is Twittering. I’m not sure why yet, but if Barack Obama and George Parker and Makethelogobigger are doing it,  (among other notables)  then I probably ought to be.  I learn by doing, what can I say?  

Maybe this little incident makes a case for Twitter and it’s usefulness.  Appeared in the March 5th St. Louis Post Dispatch.  Katrice Noble is happy to be alive and the stupid kid deserves to be expelled.    Also, it proves that with all this technology, the world is indeed a very small place.   I mean, it makes you wonder why anyone would want to try a dishonest or evil action….you’ll surely be caught, eventually, because everyone knows somebody who knows somebody who is either on Twitter, FaceBook, Myspace. 


          Twitter is watching, you dumb ass!

All it takes is one.

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

We’re in the bank drive-up to make a deposit.  Days before, I heard the president of this bank on a local radio station blathering on about how they’re the friendliest bank in town.

So, we give Heather the deposit and ask her to please make a copy of the check and for a receipt.  As she trounced off to fulfill this simple request, we wondered why she was so put out until we saw the reason….a heaping helping of potato chips at her teller window!!  If this bank was that friendly, Heather might have offered us a chip while we waited as she thundered off, torn from her snack.

All it takes is one “Heather” to destroy Mr. Bank Presidents empty claim and piss off a customer forever.  I happened upon Pete Blackshaw’s blog,  Consumer Generated Media is (I’ve added him to my Chicks Picks).   His new book will soon be on my shelf Satisfied Customers Tell Three Friends, Angry Customers Tell 3,000.  Here in Hooterville,  just like in the big city, clients struggle with the customer service issue.   We’ve produced videos, developed secret shopper programs, surveys, focus groups, you name it, to help our small town clients train better and be better at delivering the most important thing they sell…service.  It’s a constant struggle, a daily effort.

In another Chick Pick, Where’s My Jetpack entry of Tuesday Jan 6th, discusses the use of social media and Twitter (I guarantee you no Hootervillian client of ours would know what Twitter is except a noise a bird makes).  He comments on how marketers could use Twitter as a way to engage and earn precious consumer loyalty to deliver what really brings in the money … SERVICE!!

I’m one of those customers who believes it’s my sworn duty to fill out the survey, call the service desk, the manager, whoever, and tell’em what the hell is up.  I know they need to know…and I rather enjoy it.  So Heather, pack up your chips, honey.  All it took was one…and you’re it.

I’m telling.